To all the women

The International’s Women Day is celebrated every year to remind us of all the women’s political, economical and social achievements, but also  their struggles, discrimination and violence they are still facing.
This letter is addressed to all the women worldwide, endless messengers of love and hope, that everyday honor this precious gift.

To all of us, Thanks for being what we are.

Dear Lovely,

maybe you don’t realize it, but  the Universe is deeply grateful for having a creature like you.

You were a little child that was embarking on life and now, look at you, what a wonderful woman you became. You’ve come  a long way to be the person you are today!

It hasn’t been always easy, I know. How many obstacles along the way, falls, misunderstandings, tears. How many times you thought you wouldn’t make it to accept this gift that Life has generously offered you. Perhaps, you denied it.

It’s OK, don’t feel guilty for it. It’s not easy to be what you are.
But still, your determination, your strength and your tenacity have never abandoned you and they have always allowed you to stand up every time. It’s this love for Life that makes you so strong and invincible, against all odds.

To you, that you are a mother that looks after her children, a daughter that grows up, a sharer of secrets’ sister, a friend that understands, a travel companion, a woman that works to make this world a better place thanks to that kindness, that belongs just to Her.

To you, that you manage to wear so many hats at the same time, to you, I say thank you.
Thanks for being so courageous and spreading love where there’s hate; for being the light that lights the way, where it’s dark; for being the hope the world needs, where there’s resignation.

Thanks for being the amazing Woman that you are.

from a woman like you

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