Have you got that empty feeling?
“Nothing wrong yet not satisfied nor happy?” “Ready for something more meaningful?” If you’re feeling inadequate, empty or unfulfilled, you could be just a hair’s breadth away from creating real and lasting happiness and not know it!   This is why my friend and colleague, Katrine Horn, has invited me to speak at the Heal […]
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Do you want to transform your life?
Do you want to transform your life? Are you ready to live in joy, no matter what is going on around you? How about feeling confident and secure, knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way? These are only some of the things you will learn on The High Life Summit. How to quickly […]
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7 idee regalo completamente gratis
“Suggerimenti per i regali di Natale: al tuo nemico, il perdono. Ad un tuo avversario, la tolleranza. Ad un amico, il tuo cuore. Ad un cliente, il servizio. A tutti, la beneficenza. Ad ogni bambino, un buon esempio. A te stesso, il rispetto.” Oren Arnold Stai pensando quali regali di Natale comprare ai tuoi cari […]
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