How to understand change in 6 simple steps

To live means to change, of course. Day after day we change. Even in this precise moment, even if we don’t notice it, we’re changing. In which direction, we may ask? Are we keeping what we have (work, feelings, health)? Are we improving ourselves? Or are we just going with the flow?

Like I say in my book, A Whole New Life you can’t get in the same river twice.

That’s because every time something has changed; the temperature, the micro-organisms that river has would be different from the last time we entered in the water, so we’d have an entirely new experience. As a matter of facts, it would be like going in a different one every time. The same happens in the river of life, of course!

Everything around us is in a constant metamorphosis, so why should we stay in our shells and do nothing to make some good change in our lives?

To make any kind of difference, big or incredibly small, is easier said than done, our mind loves routine because that’s safe, that’s our lovely comfort zone and she’s not automatically programmed to jump out of it.

Like I write in my book, we can analyse chance in 5 different levels.
The level zero is the resistance: even if we’re not completely satisfied with our life’s results we keep going without doing anything to change the situation. The fact is that we’re still changing, but not in a positive way.

The first level of change happens when we start to learn something new and this leads us to act differently, do something more, to develop a certain flexibility and start to react to new situations.

With time spent doing something different every day, our mind expands, our point of view expands, and soon we’ll realize that we only touched the surface and there are endless possibilities to improve ourselves.
With this knowledge we access to the next level and start having a new perception of our identity.

That’s the moment of “awakening”: we have deep intuitions and at this level the change is called revolutionary, just because it brings some real revolutions in our existence.
The seed of change is in each and every one of us. It’s an ability that we all have in us, exactly like we learned to walk even tho we weren’t born with that knowledge.

We have the possibility to become artists of change, learn to create every revolution we want.
How can we do that? Here’s a list of 6 tips that can help us do it:

1. Accept your feelings
There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable from time to time, no one can ask us to be Superman/Wonder Woman. If you need, it’s ok to ask for help. Keeping everything inside just leads us to accumulate stress and negativity, and with that happens it’s impossible to see a sunshine even in summer!

2. Be proactive
Address the situation, evaluate your possibilities and what positive aspects you can take from the situation in which you find yourself. Don’t be affected by change, but become an actor with a key role. Do not get hit by the events but take the bull by the horns and meet the fight!

3. Let go your emotions
When something changes you can experience a rainbow of contrasting and opposite emotions. The same condition can make you feel both optimistic and sad at the same time. Focus on positive emotions with small exercises to do every day!

4. Believe in yourself
Own a full awareness of your past successful situations, asking yourself: “When I managed a change in the past? How did I do it? How did I solve that problem?”. You’ll immediately realize that you’re able to do greater things than you imagined before.

5. Don’t let the future scare you
Live the present. Today is the most important day of your life. Do not let your mind wander with no aim in a possible future or – even worse – anchored in the past. Meditate. Stay focused on the present, the here and now. Is now that you must take action, now you can have an impact and really change the future that scares you so much.

6. Taste the positivity
Turn on some relaxing music, or go out for a walk. Take a deep breath, read motivational books, remember reasons to be grateful and breathe deeply everything that is beautiful.

How do you address the changes in your life?

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