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lucia “You can obtain excellence if:
you take things more to heart than what others would consider wise;
you risk more than what others would consider safe;
you dream more than what others would consider practical;
you expect more than what others would consider possible.”

Bless You! offers different types of services.

Public Speaking e Presentation Training

In 1865, when General Ulysses S. Grant defeated General Robert E. Lee, there was an enthusiastic crowd waiting for him in Washington. This was a man who had distinguished himself as a soldier, had fought several wars and had just put an end to the bloody American Civil War. This was a man who was courageous enough to go up against a well equipped army, leading the charge and holding his head up high despite daily death threats.

But when he arrived in Washington and the crowd started shouting: “Speech! Speech!” Grant tried in every way not to speak and he succeeded. Why?

“He was scared to death of speaking in public.”

The fact is, he had enough credibility to talk, as he had earned that with his life achievements. He also had a great story to tell, since he had just defeated General Lee in Virginia, and had the opportunity to talk as the crowd was asking him to do so.
So what was wrong? Why the fear? Clearly he wasn’t in the right state of mind!
And unfortunately there wasn’t the Bless you Presentation Training available at the time, and there wouldn’t be for the next 140 years. Therefore Grant lost that great opportunity.

But you don’t have to! Call us or write us to:

  • Learn the art of public speaking;
  • discover the structure and the strategies for effective presentation;
  • access on command and instantaneously your best state of mind for presentation;
  • learn how to give presentations and speeches that inform, inspire, motivate to action, give power and choice to people and help them release their potential, ideas and results.

Stress Management

The benefits of Breathwork, or work with breathing, are enormous and more and more recognized by modern science: your conscious breathing and your will can be used in every moment to balance your energy, release tension and anxiety, improve your mental focus and vitality, help you face new challenges, and free your own creativity.

The practice of a healthy breathing not only keeps away the illnesses but improves general health. Medical research is full of cases in which the appropriate use of breathing has cured illnesses such as asthma, high blood pressure and heart disease.

The body eliminates 70% of toxins through breathing. However, if we don’t use it in the right way, our organs have to work much harder to compensate, and this extra effort can lead to the beginning of serious illnesses.

Furthermore, conscious breathing reprograms the nervous system to reach higher levels of energy and vitality and this facilitates the psycho-spiritual transformation: bringing more oxygen to various part of the body and the brain releases old memories and conditioning stored in the body’s cells.


Statistics show that more than the 80% of people have not yet found their dream job.
If more people could create organizations able to inspire others, we would live in a world where that statistic would be the other way around, with more than 80% of people that love their job.

  • People who love their job are more productive and creative.
  • They go home happier and have happier families.
  • They are more reliable with their co-workers and clients.
  • Inspired employees create and sustain companies and stronger economies.

Fire-walking awakes passion, inspiration and dreams…even in a company.
When we witness or actually participate in something that we thought difficult or impossible, every single cell learns to overcome fear and limiting beliefs.

You don’t walk on fire to show you’re courageous, but to learn how to know and value yourself and, as a consequence, the team you work with.

All over the world, fire-walking is considered an effective tool in overcoming self-limiting beliefs and fears, to improve self-esteem and for learning to trust in ourselves, to reach goals and rediscover motivation and enthusiasm in our everyday lives.

During our course, the following topics will be dealt with:

  • Team building, group games related to cooperative and interpersonal skills, taken from Psycho-synthesis and from the work of the Findhorn Foundation.
  • Vision and Strategies to discover the power of defining goals in working together and ‘reprograming’ yourself and the mind to reach set goals.
  • Peak experience: The emotional peak experiences that let us explore our unknown resources and turn them into actions and winning behaviour.
  • Arrow-breaking: The breaking of the arrow, an experience that brings together the ancient ritual with modernity; it’s an underlying metaphor for everyday situations in which we give less than the 100% or we hold back because we don’t feel up to do it; learning to bring our full attention to what happens inside our minds, recognizing and mastering our fears, we can restructure our situations so that they won’t be perceived as negative but as challenges that we can overcome.

Motivation & Coaching

Coaching is a way to deploy the resources of the client towards a planned result. It allows us to tap into our hidden potential, to awaken it, so we can take our abilities and experience to a new and higher level.

Meta-coaching goes a step beyond and brings coaching to a higher level, to fully realize the higher talents and potential of a person and reach a level of pure excellence, with new intentions and meanings.

Thanks to the Meta-Coaching you will:

  • bring out the best in every person
    • maximize the potential of your co-workers and employees
    • focus on the solution in life
    • develop your emotional intelligence
    • facilitate creative innovations
    • accelerate learning and improve communication
    • awaken new visions and meanings deep within

Are you ready to embrace excellence, feed it, nurture and make it your standard in reaching extraordinary levels of performance? Are you ready to dare?

“We have done a lot of research in the past 3 years and we found that the leaders with coaching abilities are more effective in their job.”

Tanya Clemens, V.P. of Global Executive and Organizational Development at IBM

Team Building

Playing games brings a series of benefits on an emotional level such as: joy, fun, love for life, relaxation, release of tension allowing you to express yourself in the most authentic way possible.

Playing games also helps rediscover and awaken your creativity, imagination, empathy, your capacity to give new meaning to actions and things, and your will to face new concepts and challenges.
Through playing games you learn to:

  • cooperate
  • share
  • resolve conflicts
  • improve your leadership skills

Playing games helps rediscover our own body language and improve your communications’ skills.

Playing games also means respecting the rules. When kids play they always set precise rules. So to play well and learn you need to respect the rules.

Why improvisation?

To learn and live states of better self esteem, to improve your capacity to express yourself in public, to improve your observation and listening skills, to give energy to your creativity and to learn how to work in a team.

In this course you will laugh and have a lot of fun and the best thing is that your laughs will give you energy and strength that you will feel for days to come.

When was the last time you laughed heartily and not behind someone’s back but together with someone else? Or the last time you played with the same excitement, fun, sense of adventure you had when you were a little boy or girl?

Life is short, play more! It can improve your health, relationships and finances.

Dynamic Negotiation

Most people need to negotiate, no matter what their job.  Specific courses dealing with concepts and systems of negotiation, addressing the abilities necessary to negotiate at higher levels with excellent results, do not yet exist in school, even in college, or they are just starting to be offered now.
Excluding the lucky ones who had a parent, a teacher, a director that worked as a mentor for negotiation techniques, most people just rely on their experiences.

“The more negotiations I conduct the bigger my experience and ability” – but this is not completely true because there is a fundamental qualitative difference between experience and expertise.

From one side, the experience won’t keep us from making the same mistakes again and again and frequently it will make us act instinctively without giving birth to new solutions, which end up being more appropriate with hindsight.

Only expertise will give us a systematic approach: studying and increased practice combined with modelling by extraordinary negotiators as well as rethinking better solutions from past negotiations, allow for the constant growth and development necessary to be an excellent negotiator.

The course will give you thorough and systematic answers, on a scientific and practical basis to questions like:

  • In which way can I enhance my negotiation ability and the value I bring to people as well as sharpen my ability to negotiate, to listen and to communicate?
  • How can I create more value in negotiations I participate in?
  • How can I keep calm and alert even when provoked or attacked personally?
  • How can I better prepare for a negotiation?
  • What are the most efficient analytical tools?
  • What is the most relevant information and how can I get it?
  • Which is the best order to follow the different subjects in the discussion?
  • How can I get the highest result and respect ethics at the same time?

Insights: communication & profiling

“At BT we use the Insights methods to understand ourselves, others and to learn how to adapt and connect more easily with everyone; we use them also to create and train our teams, and help the managers to understand their employees and develop satisfactory and productive relationships. The Insight Discovery language has positively impacted our company because it’s practical, easy to learn and it’s stimulating.

This is proof that it is being used. Our goal is to completely integrate Insight Discovery into our culture.”

Katrin Dunkley – Responsible for the Development of Human Resources at British Telecom

You will learn the Insight Discovery system by playing, having fun, winning personal challenges, getting concrete results in harmony with the other participants and deepening your knowledge and effectiveness with scientifically proven systems.

Immediate impact, endless possibilities.


Walking the labyrinth allows your body to connect with your mind and your mind with your spirit. As they walk through the labyrinth, frequently people intuitively realize how to move forward with their lives. In the silence of the labyrinth you will learn how to regain balance and wellness, to reduce stress, to let go of emotional pain, to reconnect with your inner wisdom and your intuition, to envision new awareness and to give a deeper sense to your existence.