Companies are made of people: improve the people, and you will have a more successful company!

Either directly or via our professional international network of BlessYou! certified trainers we are already present in 5 continents, working with companies of all sizes and in different business sectors.

We support businesses in areas such as: change management, leadership skills, motivation, effective communication, inspiration, creativity, empowerment,  and self-realization .

Our training sessions alternate short lectures with the use of games, simulations, demonstrations and case studies in order to facilitate an environment in which real, deep, experiential learning can take place. This learning might be in the form of either thinking and/or emotional ability and skills.

The settings of the training events are varied : from a meadow at the edges of a forest where a burning pyre will soon become hot coals for a fire-walk, to a multimedia conference room equipped with the most advanced technology .

Our strengths in business education are:


We bring attention to contents but also to the hidden structures, to recurring patterns, and to any unconscious messages. These allow us to really understand the needs of our partner.


Each customer is unique and different, therefore we create different training, interaction and education methods depending on the unique situation, those participating and in line with the set objectives.


We continually ask ‘How can we do better?’

Despite our many years of experience, we are always looking for new insights.

We are always looking for new, groundbreaking and up-to-date research and recent evidence linked to neurological, biological and behavioral aspects of human beings. This means that our trainings are never repetitions of previous ones, but are always new and transformational experiences.

Why should you use our services?

Because what we offer today is even better than what we offered 6 months ago. And what we will offer in 6 months is going to be even better than what we offer today.

Because we wake up every day with a sense of purpose in what we do. This in turn inspires people to do what they are passionate about.

Do you want to discover how to become more positive?

How would your life change if you are even more successful because you can work better in a more intelligent way?

In 30 years we trained more than 650.000 people including managers, entrepreneurs, teams and individuals all over Europe.

We serve companies of every dimension, multinational groups and private groups in different fields and on the 5 continents.

Are you ready for us?