How We Work

We do what we love and we do it well, with passion.
We’re convinced that “learning” is the key concept of our times. And our courses are all dedicated to learning. Learning new abilities, learning self esteem, learning to become an excellent coach who perfectly knows what to do, how, with whom, when and why.

And it’s not the static learning, often tedious and notionistic that most of us experienced in school. We use games, simulations, and practical cases to facilitate a real apprehension of abilities and mental capacity and higher emotions.
The locations for training can vary greatly, from a meadow at the edge of a forest where a bonefire burns that soon will become hot coals for the firewalk to a fully equipped multimedia congress hall to promote the best learning possible through the state of the art communication and relational models.

We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to the answers. We pay attention not only to content but we also look for hidden structures, recurring patterns, unconscious messages that give us all the elements we need to understand what our client really needs. Every clients needs are different, whether it be in the content, the style, the interaction, the approach, the modality of training or whether it has a strong or gradual impact. We made an art out of training, a constant search for improvement (kaizen), a deep path of growth in human terms with economic results. Our work and follow-through commitment is constant so to give a increasingly elegant, powerful, transformational service. We always ask ourselves: “How can we do it better?” This results in our continuous research, study and practice leading us to innovative training formats tried and tested over time and so extremely reliable. And after listening, creating and refining we bring the whole thing from mind to muscles. This is when we present the course, we guide the participants with coaching and maieutic methods to help them get even more than they were expecting so they leave the training with new abilities, new capacities, new meanings and, more importantly, the ability to mantain these results over time.

Clients Feedbacks

 BRUNO RAEVENS Bruno Raevens, General Manager Redken, Belgio

“If you believe that the engine of your organisation is the human element, and are convinced this will be key to effective differentiation and success in the business of the future, then a BlessYou! training is a must. Lucia and Nicola will work with your collaborators and/or clients to help them rediscover true values, the importance of the team spirit, a win-win attitude and create an feeling of wellbeing within your company.”

tamara Tamara Schenk, Vice President Sales Enablement, T-Systems International GmbH, Germania

“Passion is profession – this how Lucia and Nicola work – you will feel their passion in every minute of working with them. Passion – which is always in our hearts. But sometimes our passion is hidden and we need a professional coach to bring it to light! Lucia and Nicola will train you in your personal transformation to open your heart and to bring your passion and your creative potential to light – to help you discover how you want to use your passion to bring more value to your personal and professional life. A perfect cycle of listening, learning, feedback and action – to let you grow! Passion is everything, it is using all our creative potential – it is what we need to navigate through the XXI° century!””

Laschet, Diane Laschet, Diane, Managing Director at AirPlus International

“I really wanted a course specifically for all colleagues with Lucia and Nicola, to talk about emotional intelligence at work, of how best to use our inner resources, sharing ideas and experiences, to create “our” company. I think this time for personal growth, in an environment other than employment, was very precious to each of us and a seed for future development.

alessandro-g Alessandro Giuliani, Managing Director at MISB Bocconi, Mumbai

I have known Lucia for quite some years now, and have always been shocked at her ability of putting complex situations in a very simple frame. Her multidisciplinary knowledge and training always push you to view from different perspectives through an extremely balanced approach, thus realizing where you are and the blocks that pull you back. Her wisdom in making things easy allow you to see change as a mere exercise, no more an unsurmountable task.

patricia Patricia J. Crane Ph.D. Author, Master Trainer- Heal Your Life® Training in Louise Hayʼs philosophy, Hay’s philosophy, San Diego, CA USA

Lucia Giovannini has masterfully brought together her unique personal experiences, examples of her clientsʼ paths of change, scientific studies, a variety of personal growth processes, thought provoking ideas and questions, practical tools for transformation, and much more to inspire you with the possibilities for your life.