This a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. We regularly update the list to make it as useful as possible. Feel free to contact us here.

Why should you take part in one of our courses ? Who are they for?
The Bless You! courses in personal growth (or evolutionary growth) are for everyone.
If you want to learn, know and understand how to better communicate with yourself and with others and if you want to manage your mood states, to contact and use your talents… Bless You! has a course for you, for sure!

I’ve never taken part in a course in personal growth. What should I expect?
Many people believe that this kind of course that participants mobile phones are sequestered, that no contact with the outside world is allowed and that you probably have to get up at 6 a.m. and stay all day in a dark room.

The Bless You! courses are NOTHING LIKE THIS!

Our core values, as you can see clicking here, are freedom, professionalism and respect.

People who sign up for our courses often simply want to improve various aspects of their lives. Some want to have more success at work and in relationships (with themselves and others) and anyone who has the desire to bring greater wellbeing and achievement to any area of their lives will benefit from our courses.
Another factor that distinguishes us is that each time you register for a Bless You! course part of your subscription fee goes to support charitable projects … so your pursuit of your personal goals has also a positive effect for others!

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What is a Bless You! course of personal growth and what do we do?
The Bless You! courses are workshops where you can learn the best techniques and methods that will help you to feel comfortable with yourself and with others. During the courses we facilitate easy exercises: individual, in pairs and in groups where you can practice how to apply what it has been learned in your daily life, both in your personal and professional life.
In our courses you will always be free to participate –  (or not!) – in the exercises and to share (or not to share) your experiences. Your privacy will be always respected. If you like, you can compare your thoughts with others and give and receive support, friendship and ideas. You can also listen and be heard. And, if you wish, you can join a group for continuous support, even after your return home.

During the Bless You! courses will I find all the answers I need for my life?
We believe that true healing (defined as change and improvement) can only take place within ourselves, and no one can really have the answers to the lives of others. Rather, we think it better to be wary of all those who claim to have all answers for other people’s lives!
Here, however, you’ll find tools, methods and exercises that will help you to explore your own internal landscape and to facilitate your own true potential to emerge. But whilst providing you food for thought and stimulus to do that, they also facilitate this happening in the way and the time frame that respects your own nature and needs.

Which course should I start with?
You can start with any course!

The one-day courses are an unforgettable experiences and a great place to start
(The Fire of Change, To the Centre of Yourself, Walk the Labyrinth,
The Healing Breath, Dynamic Negotiation, The Power of Communication), as well as the two-day courses  Heal your life® official course by Louise Hay, and ‘A Whole New Life’
In the last ones mentioned here, deep work is done on all areas of your life.
But you can also start with the course in Thailand … some people have even chosen to start from ‘LUCE’ –  the two-year school of coaching , NLP and Neuro-semantics, the week of training teachers, Heal your life® the Louise Hay method or the Facilitator TUAV ® .
Follow what you are really interested in!

How big are your groups? Will I be personally supervised?
The size of the group depends on the type of course. All courses are limited because we want to ensure that each participant is personally assisted.
In some courses, the maximum limit is 30 people. For the others, the limit is 40-50 people, and only in some courses there may be more participants. But in any case, even in the presence of a large group, there is always a staff of coaches and certified teachers, qualified and well prepared by us, to take care of each person individually.

I read the book ‘A WHOLE NEW LIFE and I would love to continue this journey. What can I do?
Then come to a course!  There you will have the opportunity to gain experience on the concepts presented in the book. During the course you will experience these ideas first hand and deepen your understanding. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and meet other people on the journey to change: and become a part of the Bless You! Community!

I have already done a course and I would like to continue but I am not sure which course to choose.
Write to us! We will be happy to recommend the path that best suits your current needs.

What language are the courses in?
The language varies depending on the place where the course is held and on the nationality of the participants. In general, the courses aimed at Italian participants are in Italian. The courses in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are in English. The exception is the Thai experience ‘Spirituality, Vitality and Goodness’ that is held simultaneously in English and Italian.
The courses in Europe are in English or Italian with translation into the local language, except in France, where they are in French.

I am interested in Libera Università di Crescita Evolutiva (LUCE), but if I miss a lesson what happens?
We give you the material to allow you to study at home (notes, exercises and audio recording of the course) and your tutor will help you to integrate the lessons missed.
And you can recover the lessons in the following LUCE edition or in other Bless You! courses are dealing with the same topic.
Enrolments for LUCE closes when the maximum number of participants is reached.

How can I become a Bless You! trainer or coach?
BlessYou selects its trainers and coaches from among the graduates of LUCE: Libera Università di Crescita Evolutiva and the Facilitators of TUAV®.

I would like to become a Coach. After your professional education and training are there possibilities of work?
Absolutely yes! Now we have trained (between LUCE, two-year school of coaching , NLP and Neurosemantics, Teacher training Heal your life® Louise Hay and Facilitators TUAV® ) more than 500 Coaches, Master of NLP and Neuro-semantics, teachers Louise Hay or TUAV® .
Many of our students, that beforehand were doing other things professionally, after completing our training sessions they have started to hold courses, being paid for that and are now having fun and getting joy and satisfaction from doing that.
We often create job opportunities for graduate coaches in our school by putting them in contact with our customers.

What is the difference between NLP and Neuro-semantics? Can I find other schools of Neuro-semantics instead of LUCE?
Neuro-Semantics is a model that describes how we, as Human beings, incorporate the meanings (semantics) to such an extent in our bodies (Neuro-) to be able to “experience” our meanings as emotions and states.
Neuro-Semantics is a field of interdisciplinary investigation that explores the structure of meaning, how this is built inside us and then it is translated into actions and behaviours (performance).

The concepts of Neuro-Semantics draw on the following fields:
•    Cognitive-Behavioral Sciences
•    Evolutionary Psychology
•    neurosciences
•    General Semantics
•    NLP
•    Cognitive linguistics
•    Cybernetics
•    Dynamic System

We are the only trainers in Italy accredited to teach Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coaching.
We could define Neuro-Semantics as a more complete, systemic and advanced NLP.
We believe that Meta-Coaching (the Coaching of Neuro-Semantics) is the only coaching model that really teaches what to do, with whom, when, in which contexts, how and with what results.
Thanks to Neuro-Semantics you can learn models for understanding the nature of your mind, emotions and body. You can experience techniques and exercises to develop a greater competence, safety, and success in your career, your health and in interpersonal relationships.

Is it normal that every time I want to join a course, something happens to me and I can not then take part?
Yes! It happens, and often this occurs because of some resistance (due to the fear of something new and fear of going out of your comfort zone)
When you make the decision to sign up for a course, try to make a list of the five main reasons to not give it up. Then put it in a place where you can see and read it daily.
In this way you can start working on you and on your strengths immediately…and take the first steps towards “A whole new life”!

I don’t live near to where the course is being held
Wherever we hold courses there are usually a lot of options for local accommodation at very affordable prices and places to dine with a discount.
If you write to education@blessyou.me we will give you all the necessary information.
Generally most courses are held in locations that can be reached by public transport and, although often in a natural setting in the middle of nature, they are usually not far from a motorway exit.
At our courses, participants arrive from different regions and even different countries!
We will happily put you in touch with people from your area to share the journey and /or room.

Can I pay in installments?
Yes! For longer courses (such as LUCE and our Thailand Wellness experience) you can access payment formulas by instalments

How can I sign up?
To enroll you must complete the online form and send to education@blessyou.me the proof of payment of the fee of the course you have chosen. It’s that simple!