The 30 day kindness challenge

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
Mark Twain

Kindness is one of the basic ingredients for self-fulfillment and happiness.
Every person exists in a broader context, we are all part of a large system, each of us is still a difference in society, though not realize it. And this is true on a personal level and at work. The way we think, act, talk makes a difference in the lives of people around us. So the question to ask is not if I want to make a difference or not, but what kind of difference do I want to make? What kind of legacy do I want to leave to the world?

The most urgent question of life is: What are you doing for other people?
Here is a challenge for you. Be kinder to others in the next 30 days. Are you in?

Here are some ideas!

1. Say “Good morning”, “Good evening” and “Thank you” when you walk into a store
2. Update your Facebook status with a positive and encouraging sentence
3. Sit down with someone who is eating alone
4. Bring some treats to your colleagues in the office
5. Write a thank you or appreciation note to someone who has helped you
6. Pick up litter that you see in the street, at the park or on the beach
7. Call someone you haven’t heard for a long time
8. Hug someone
9. Spend a day saying only positive and kind things about and to other people
10. Motivate someone who is working hard
11. Ask someone “How is she/he” and listen with your heart
12. Donate clothes you no longer use and/or books
13. Leave a note on a page of your favorite book in the library
14. Leave positive cards around the city
15. Leave something in a hotel room, accompanied by a thank you note
16. Cook a meal for someone
17. Return your cup or your tray at the bar leaving the table clean and ready for the people behind you
18. Bring food and water to someone who needs it
19. Say thank you to someone who does a job that a few people are willing to do
20. Leave your seat for someone else on the bus or train
21. Hold the door for someone
22. Write a letter or a simple thank-you note to someone who has positively influenced you
23. Donate blood
24. Compliment someone with your heart
25. Help someone to carry her bags
26. Help a stranger in the street
27. Open up to new people and make new friends
28. Let a car go before you and smile or raise your thumb up
29. Spend a day or an afternoon taking care of your friend’s children or pets
30. Leave some change in the coffee machine

In what other ways we can be kind to others? Share your ideas and your experiences with the Blessyou community, leaving a comment below!

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