How can travelling help to get to know ourselves?

Who doesn’t like to travel?

I’m sure that if I asked this question in front of a hundred people almost nobody would raise the hand.
Holidays, or any occasion that allows us to pack our bags, are everyone’s dream. We wait for them almost anxiously and when they finally arrive we happily scan our closets to find the perfect outfits for our brand new trip.

It happens all the times to leave the cosiness of our life and the place we stayed since we were kids, to start a new one, across the World or in the nearest Country.

The reasons we leave are countless: a new job, a new university or just because we want to go for an adventure, that leads us off the path we walked until that very moment and we choose to do that because we’re tired to know every inch of it.

The journey can be interpreted in so many ways. But the most important one we can do is the inner one. A one-year journey can be really beautiful, but the experience can be 100% complete if we can’t gain everything we can also on a higher level right?

I often talked to friends who were going to leave for one of the reasons I listed earlier, who were at the start line of a path that would have changed something in their lives, in the good or in the bad.

The enthusiasm about something new that’s about to happen and it’s only waiting for the perfect chance to give you those emotions you just know that you’ll find, gives space to the fear. That fear you feel when you’re about to leave everything’s that is familiar and, for that reason, safe. That feeling you have when facing a crossroad, that’s more than familiar for me as well as for everyone.

It’s normal to be scared, mixed-up feelings are also part of the experience, it would be odd not to feel anything in these occasions!

Why these emotional roller coaster you may wander? Because this is one of the best methods to really know ourselves.

Doing nothing is not challenging. And if we don’t challenge ourselves how can we know how we’ll react? How do we understand our mind?

The greatest way to test our skills is always a journey. To put some distance between us and our friends, family and everything that’s familiar doesn’t mean to rock our life in a final way.

Your father, your mother, your sister/brother, your friends, they’ll continue to do what they do everyday even if you’re not there to see that.

At the same time you’ll also notice that some things you thought you were not able to let go are easier to set loose. Also those things you thought you were not able to achieve are completely doable once you face them alone, with no one to help you or to do them instead of you.

To have a journey, to go for an adventure, to explore, is a necessity.

Maybe you’ll also discover how much that person close to you, one of those people you ”left behind”, cares about you because he/she shows it to you in some way. You don’t need to go across the Globe or in the nearest city, who really loves you will let you know that and the distance will not be a problem.

So, what’s stopping you? Leave, make that choice, take that chance. Get out of your comfort-zone, get out of that house or that situation that’s suffocating you, cutting your wings and doesn’t let you breathe.

Be brave, because the world is so big and a new adventure is always around the corner.

That little voice in your head, that always talks about doubts and cons when you think to do something different, will try to tell you that there are a million things that can go wrong and try to push you to do nothing, to settle.

Don’t listen to that. You and only you are the one who can decide to do it.

How? Here’s 3 solutions to clear your mind and be ready to travel:


1. Inner silence
This is a great way to silence that voice I was talking about earlier. There are many things you can do to find your silence again: meditation, yoga, qi gong, but also stay in the nature and do that one activity you love.
Your mind will thank you and you’ll be able to put this calmness in practice even in your everyday life: when you’re going to work, or driving, or grocery shopping.

2. Love is the answer
There are so many forms of love we can experience. You don’t have to be a hugger or someone who shouts “I love you” to everyone, there are little gestures that will let you feel that warmth only an unconditional compassion can give you. In our society the concept of love is always paired up with romance or sex, as I write in my book, A Whole New Life, all the other colors of it are left aside.
There’s nothing wrong in having feelings for someone, but the thought of a love affair as the only way to experience this magical state of mind is very limiting and conditioning: not always in life we have someone next door. And even when we do have someone, a thousand expectations about the responsibility of our happiness is the best way to sink the relationship.
We can widen your love range to life in general, to nature, to animals, to humanity, to a dream, to a cause.
What makes your heart skip a beat? What lighten up your love? What makes you feel alive? What gives you energy, enthusiasm? To discover that means to find an unlimited source of energy that you can apply to life.

3. Passport in your pocket
Last, but not least. We talked about journeys, so always be ready to leave.
Having the passport in your metaphorical pocket means always being hungry for that new thing you wanted to do. Now that the annoying voice is silent and we received all that love we’re ready to go!
Now that you’re ready to go for this inner and outer journey, why don’t you start from here?

In the magical Thailand, a dreamy travel paired up with a personal growth path to restore the equilibrium and energy in both your body, mind and heart.