Gratitude treasure hunt

One of the most important elements for our happiness is gratitude. Gratitude is a muscle, more than a feeling. It can be trained, developed and included in our positive habits routine.

Being grateful for all the abundance we have in our life is like a magnet that will attract even more abundance and positive experiences. How many times though do we allow ourselves to stop for a moment to appreciate what we already have?

Summer holidays can be a great opportunity to relax, disconnect and spend time with ourselves, our families and friends.
When was the last time you played? Life is also a game and when we play, we make our life lighter and full of joy.

Enjoy your Summer holiday and your days off and try out the Gratitude Treasure Hunt Game!

Materials: willingness to go out of your comfort zone and try out something new, willingness to have fun and spend quality time with people you love the most, pen and paper.

Preparation: none.

How to play: you can play as a team or as a single player. You can play it at home, in the garden, at the seaside or at the mountain. You can write your answers on a piece of paper or move around, find the objects and collect them.

The first (team) to finish will wait for the others to finish.

Object: boost your happiness and energy.

Instructions: follow these directions, write your answers on a piece of paper or collect the following objects. Be creative!

Find something you are grateful for:

1. in nature
2. that makes a beautiful sound
3. that tastes good
4. that has a pleasant smell
5. that has been hard for you
6. that has been a success for you
7. that surprised you
8. that you would like to share with others
9. that is older than you
10. that you have recently discovered or learnt
11. that has a vibrant color
12. that has words on it
13. that makes you feel strong
14. that akes you laugh
15. that makes you cry
16. that represents your country or culture
17. that is someone you love (outside of your group)

When all the participants or teams have finished, you can share your answers and/or feelings.
You might be amazed by other people’s answers and find out more about them!

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