For your spirit, your Health and your Wellbeing and to be able to help others to find theirs

“Every negative experience can inhibit our breathing capacity. Negative experiences, painful and unpleasant, accumulate and become feelings and negative thoughts that damage our natural breathing capacity. With breath-work we recover joy and happiness.”
Leonard Orr

Much of the time we are not aware of our breathing but when we do become aware of it we can use it to overcome anxiety, stress and help maintain good health.

Recent medical studies have amply shown that emotions ae directly linked to breath: the simple breathing techniques that you will discover during this course will allow you to expel toxins and emotions that cloud your serenity, release emotional blocks and tension, improve the functioning of your organism and regenerate it, help you to rediscover your inner calm and your psycho-physical wellbeing and help you to increase self-esteem and faith in yourself

What are the different qualifications available related to Breathwork Life Breath®?
The course if recommended as a powerful experience of detoxing, re-balacing and personal transformation indipendently of the objective of gaining the certification.
The Breathwork qualifications consist of 2 levels: Life Breath® and Breath-Coach®.

  • As a Life Breath Facilitator ® you will be qualified to hold sessions of Breathwork Life Breath, conferences and mini-courses (max 4 h)
  • As a Breath-Coach® in addition to the aforementioned activities, you will also be qualified to hold “Il Healing Breath” the one or two day course and to hold sessions of coaching linked to breathwork.

How can I complete my certification?
To complete your qualification as a  Life Breath Facilitator®  in addition to taking part in the Life Breath Facilitators course you are also required to take part in either  TUAV® (Whole New Life) training with Lucia Giovannini and the course ‘The Healing Breath’ or alternatively the course ‘Spirituality and Vitality’.

In order to become a Breath-Coach® and to be accredited to hold 1 or 2 day courses and the sessions of coaching linked to breathing, in addition to the above requiements it is also required that:

  • You have participated in the course  The Power of Communication: The 4 colours
  • You have participated in APG – Access Your Personal Genius

It is also recommended that you have taken part as a ‘staff member’ with Lucia in the Healing Breath course.

Personal Training:
If you already work with others in a supporting role this training will help you to integrate the methods you already use with another powerful tool that helps to remove cellular memory underpinning unconscious resistance.

If you do not yet work with others but you feel a calling in this direction then this course will give you the tools you need to start your new career!

The  LIFE BREATH method can be applied in many different ways: it will give you new possibilities for collaboration with health centres/sports teams (Better breathing  =better performance), with beauty salons working on weight loss and anti-ageing aging (better oxygenisation of  skin tissue), with schools (breath work as an aid to study and concentration)  ), holistic health centres (breathwork as a mindfulness practice), with para-pharmacies and medical centres  (breathwork as the mechanism for stopping smoking, to help manage anxiety etc)

In companies by offering the different techniques you will learn on the course as an aid to stress management.

Breathwork in the water
Some of the sessions will be held in water. For humans water represents an extremely important element and has a great symbolic power.
We had our first experience of our existence in water; life on earth began in the primordial oceans. For this reason when we float in this fluid and welcoming element it awakens for all of us antique memories of and unique experiences

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