University Luce®

A unique Coaching and Self-Coaching School for the richness of its curriculum that combines the most advanced technologies in personal development with professional training.

“The realization of the self doesn’t happen taking a magic pill in the evening that will have effect the day after, it’s a transformational process that happens step by step.”

Meetings at the University happen through:

  • An experiential program that lasts 2 years, with monthly workshops from June to November
  • The possibility of combining the program with a personalized coaching journey even remotely
  • The possibility of participating in an extensive mentoring retreat (personalized training for excellence) of 9 days in Thailand in February/March

First year certification (internationally approved):

  • BlessYou! LUCE I° level degree
  • I° level degree of Neurosemantics (APG)
  • NLP Practitioner degree

The second year, in addition to all the people that want to evolve and continue their path of personal growth, is particularly dedicated to those who desire to reach such a level of competence as to be then able to teach some of the technologies and methodologies of reference at LUCE®. Certain students who graduate with excellence will be selected as assistants for the following cycles of LUCE and as new BlessYou! trainers.

Second year certification (internationally approved):

  • BlessYou! LUCE degree
  • II° level degree of Neurosemantics (LPG) that officially concludes the certification in Meta-States
  • NLP Master-Practitioner degree

The study plan will be personally drafted after an examination of the personal needs, the preferences and the natural aptitudes of each student admitted.
Course choices can range from Coaching to NLP, from Neuro-Semantics to Positive Thinking, from Breathwork to Firewalking and so on.

Other single-topic seminars such as public speaking, how to use the body, space and voice will also be included in the program.

The techniques used during meetings at LUCE and the subjects covered are the result of the experience we gained during many years of work, study and life and range from cognitive behavioral science to positive psychology, from NLP to Neuro-Semantics, from efficient communication to team games and meditation.

The course is for a limited number of participants.

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