Spirituality, Vitality, Wellbeing® in Thailand

In the magical and natural setting of a rarely seen side of Thailand to rediscover yourself – in connection with the primordial elements: sun, air, earth, sky, silence.

To bring Balance and Energy to your body, Peace to your mind, Connection to your heart.

A journey in the pursuit of relaxation and awareness; therapeutic massages that stimulate and balance the energetic lines of your bodies; at the edge of the forest, wearing a traditional sarong, you will take steam baths soaked with medical herbs that detoxify your organisms; prayers and meditations in old buddhist temples, while the Theravada monks chant their mantras, blessing ceremonies with the monks, visits to temples in the forest; tai-chi and chikung exercises; baths in the warm and pure water of the ocean; awareness exercises, breathing exercises in the ocean, strolls along the tropical beaches, hikes to discover those parts of the island that are still authentic and not touristy. One day will be dedicated to an excursion to the temples in the forest.

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