Spirituality, Vitality, Wellness® in Ubud, Bali

Set in the magical and pure natural surroundings of Bali, known as the island of wonders for its extraordinary concentration of sites of natural beauty, like the rice terraces that make it an immense zen garden and the spirituality the place is steeped in that can be felt I every centimetre of this magical land scattered with temples, altars, ceremonies and rites, offerings and prayers.

Restore balance and energy to the body, peace to the mind and connection to the heart.

Ubud has always been the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali.
It’s an ancient village set inland that is full of temples, art and artisan artefacts and surrounded by rice fields and tropical forests. It became famous in the film Love, Pray, Eat and is a popular destination for writes, artists and travellers. In recent years it has been defined by various spiritual leaders as the spiritual hub of the  world and this is what you feel when you stay here.
Ubud also is home to some famous centres for yoga, pilates, detox programmes, cookery courses, as well as massages, spas and traditional healers, markets, traditional dance events and fantastic local artisan products.

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