Beat the crisis and regain peace, optimism and wisdom.

Finally open to the public the exclusive and new course to find out your energy colour and that of the people you know.

How would your professional and personal life change if you could become more convincing, efficient and organized?

The Insight Discovery System is a tool for Personal Development, based on the studies of human types conducted by Carl Gustav Jung.

The Insight Discovery® model describes a person on the base of 4 primary dimensions or 4 colours.

Every individual is a particular combination of the 4 primary colours in which their organization, intensity and order determine the psychological type of reference.

Understanding the 4 energy colors and personality types help us communicate better with ourselves and others (clients and collaborators), to understand the weak and strong points in ourselves and others, communication and work style, needs, decision-making and relational processes.

It is the most efficient tool available at the moment in marketing, team building, as well as in understanding the development of potentiality and relationships in general.

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