The official Heal You Life ® – Louise Hay course

The official Heal You Life ® – Louise Hay course Heal Your Life is the popular course created by Louise Hay that has helped millions of people all over the world. During these two days you will experience a variety of practical exercises that will be done individually, in couples and in group, positive affirmations and visualizations, work at the mirror and other simple and funny techniques, to increase your self-esteem, improve success and rediscover the power within.

During the seminar you will learn how to use your creativity in a useful way, how to re-connect and free your energy and vital force, how to release the emotions that block your zest for life and your intuition, how to listen to your body and interpret the schemes behind “illness”, how to transform your existence in joy and awareness.

The course Heal Your Life ® is approved and recognized by Louise Hay. We limit the number of participants to ensure that we can devote useful time to assisting each person individually. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.

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