Train as a certified Louise Hay – Heal your life® Teacher: Intensive residential course

This is the only official teacher training both in Italy and South East Asia authorised by Hay House Inc. and approved by Louise Hay herself.

Lucia Giovannini, who is often described by the media as ‘the Italian Louise Hay’ is the only trainer authorised to hold this kind of training and offer this certification in Italy, Switzerland, Singapore and Thailand.

This course will provide you with all the materials and the skills you need to hold official Louise Hay – Heal your life® workshops.

‘You can heal your Life’  is the famous workshop invented by Louise Hay that has helped millions fo people in 27 countries around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can someone who does not particularly want to hold courses for others,  but just wants to do the course for their personal benefit and that of their family do the course all the same?

Yes, most definitely! As for our other course, LUCE®(Free University of Evolutionary Growth) this course is also a powerful journey of personal development, and so it is useful to anyone who wants to become a better mother, father, partner and for anyone who wants to use this method on themselves and to teach their loved ones around them.

  • Do I need to have done the 2 day course “You can heal your life”?
    No it’s not obligatory but recommended that you have taken part in the course or done one or more sessions with one of our Louise Hay -Heal Your Life®. certified trainers. If you’re not sure who to contact then e-mail us and we will point you in the direction of the most suitable trainer or course in your area.
  • Can I do just part of the training?
    This is intensive training with some evening sessions and residential as a wayof disconnecting with everyday matters to be able to get the most out of this amazing experience. It’s for this same reason that we ask for your complete participation throughout the whole programme.
  • Is is training in pshychology?
    No, it’s not any kind of training that certifies you to operate as a therapits in that respect but does abilitate you to offer the the Louise Hay, Heal your Life® tranining methods and techniques and provides you with the tools for self-help.
  • What happens once I am qualified? Is there an association of certified trainers?
    For  Heal Your Life®  trainers who want to hold official Heal Your Life® Hay House and Heart Inspired courses there is an annual fee of  99 dollars for the licence that is paid directly to Heart Inspired and also gives the right to be listed on the American web site where trainers from all around the world are listed. Furthermore newly certified facilitators Louise Hay -Heal Your Life® are added to an exclusive list on so that potential clients can find you.

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