Enhance your Personal Energy
with the Firewalking

This is actually an extremely powerful ritual for transformation that lets you reconnect with your own spiritual power and overcome your deepest seated fears. When we succeed in doing something that seemed really difficult or even impossible to us, every cell of our body learns how to break through our limiting beliefs.

Our goal is to promote the ancient practice of walking on hot coals in the modern world keeping alive the sacred nature of this ancient ritual and thus giving to people the tools to significantly improve their quality life personally and professionally.

In this sense firewalking is one of the stronger and more touching experiences available nowadays, an experience that gives everyone the methods and the self-confidence necessary to realize your goals in every field of life, whether you physically walk on fire or not! People come away stronger, full of joie de vivre and energy.

Many say that this has been one of the most revolutionary experiences in their existence.

During the firewalking courses we also offer other “experiences of emotional peak” that make people become aware of how their unexplored resources can be turned into action and therefore open the door to a new way of being.

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