Why negotiate?

Most people need to negotiate, no matter what their occupation. Specific courses that deal with concepts and systems of negotiation and address the necessary abilities to negotiate at higher levels and with excellent results do not yet exist in school, even in college, or they are just starting to be offered now.

Whether you’re a dad or a mom struggling with a child asking for icecream or a motorbike, or if you are the managing director of a big group that is about to buy a new company signing a million dollar agreement, or you are an employee about to see your personnel manager to ask for a pay raise, or you’re just alone struggling with different part of you in conflict and pulling you in different directions….Whatever the case may be, you will have to negotiate…with someone else or with yourself.

In a more and more complex, diverse and dynamic world, knowing how to negotiate is the most practical and efficient tool needed to allocate resources, balance competitive interests and solve any kind of conflict.

Negotiation is more essential today than ever before to be successful in every professional and personal area, to recreate harmony and peace, to know and understand and to create fun and joy.

    “Men and women negotiate constantly every day and knowing how to do it is the key to realizing your talents, dreams and common good.

Through negotiation we could build a hospital, save millions of human lives from a war, release hostages and choose which shade of color to use to paint the canvas of our lives.”

    – Nicola Riva

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