A different kind of breathing: The air that heals!

Recent medical studies have demonstrated that emotions are directly linked directly to breathing: by altering the our breathing pattern we can change the chemical composition of our blood and modify our emotions and mood.

The benefits of Breathwork, that is, working with optimizing your breathing, are enormous and increasingly recognized by modern science: conscious breathing and will power can actually be used at any moment in order to balance our energy, relax tension and anxiety, improve mental concentration and vitality, deal with new challenges, and set creativity free.

Practicing healthy respiration not only keeps diseases at bay but also improves general health. Medical research is full of cases where an appropriate use of breathing has cured diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure and heart problems. 70% of toxins are expelled from the body through breathing, on the other hand, if we don’t use breathing correctly, other organs must work harder to compensate and this “extra work” might set the stage for the onset of serious diseases.

Furthermore, conscious breathing “re-trains” the nervous system to higher levels of energy and vitality thus easing the psycho-spiritual transformation: bringing more oxygen to the various parts of the body and brain, the old memories and conditionings stored in the cells are released.

“Every negative experience that we make have can inhibit our respiratory ability. Negative, painful or disagreeable experiences add up to become negative feelings and thoughts that damage our natural breathing ability. With BreathWork we recover joy and happiness”.
– Leonard Orr

“According to our ordinary awareness, breathing is needed only to make the body function but if we go beyond the mind, breathing may open some completely new horizons in our life.”
– Ilsa Middendorf

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