NLP and Coaching course: Accessing Personal Genius

Three days to access your mind’s potential with the two founders and directors of the Neuro-Semantics Institute in Italy.

Learn how to create success in every area of your life with Neuro-Semantics, the most advanced part of NLP and receive a degree in Meta-States given by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (USA).

Every professional athlete and every high-level business man knows the importance of mental conditioning, of positive attitude and focused attention.

If you think that your education and life experiences have been useful to you up until now, just wait and see what happens when you learn how to manage your brain in a highly professional way. It’s easier than you think!

Your brain is like a huge computer that wants to please you and it will do anything you want if you talk to it in its own language.

This language is Neuro-Semantics, the most advanced science in the way of mental performance. It’s the science about the structure of your experience, how you think, how you feel emotions, how you act, how you encode meanings into your body-mind system and how to improve all of the above.

Stop and ask yourself: Could my brain serve me better?

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