Don’t struggle to get what you desire

Society, our culture, centuries of history, religion, school, have been teaching us that through tribulations we obtain what we want. It is through sorrow and suffering, that we gain happiness, paradise, and our desired purposes.

Well, if it is true that failure and difficulties make us grow and learn something from ourselves, it is NOT THE WAY to our happiness. It is not the path to our success in life or in business, nor to our physically, spiritually and personal flourishing.

Suffering makes us miserable. Animals are miserable when they suffer. Pain and difficulties move us away from our purpose. Those great people, scientists, thinkers of the past, did not insist on any particular goal, they simply did not think about it, and went with the flow of their decisions, enthusiasm and talents.

Lightness is the key to success, in life and in business. Confidence in our choices. Trust and positive energy are good companion in the road to happiness and success. Not the negative energy the stems from fatigue, relentless persistence, rage.

I know, life brings stress, trauma, unhappy moments, I felt them as well as you do. But healing is always there. On the other hand, happiness and confidence in the future have the great power of letting out our creative energy flow. Even a touch of unconsciousness.

Just think for a moment how much workaholism is dangerous. If you are too much involved and attached in your work, you prevent your positive energy, creativity, and intuition to flow.
Yes, intuition! Usually, the intuition comes abruptly, when you least expect it. Under the shower, when you are doing something else.

Creativeness, positive energy and enthusiasm work similarly. They allow us to be more open to change, unexpected events, confrontation with other people. Everything is more easily accessible, because we don’t struggle.

Choose this liberty. Let suffering go. Try this mantra: “Now, in this precise moment, I choose to abandon the suffering of my life. I give up the feeling of heaviness. I choose lightness and playfulness over darkness”.

The great John Cleese reminds us that creativity (and enthusiasm, I must add) emerge when we make room for it. Heaviness, workaholism, prevent it. We can’t be positive and creative when we are struggling, sad, doing thousands of things at the same time. We just have to be confident, open, and view life in the light of positivity.