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An encouraging and transformational guide for living your best, ideal life.

Do you ever wish your life were different?

Do you ever feel the need to have more time, to change your job, or to move to another city?

If, to make life a little better, you knew exactly what to change in your lifestyle, your behaviour, in yourself, or in your relationships, would you go ahead and do it?

If you wish to follow your heart but don’t know where to start, this book will speak to both your mind and your feelings. If you’re looking for a practical solution, it will provide the tools you need to finally choose the life you’ve always wanted. If you feel that change is too hard, complicated, or altogether impossible, this book will help you through it in a step-by-step and easy-to-understand manner. A Whole New Life talks about dreams and how to turn them into achievable goals, how to develop flexibility without losing your sense of direction, and how to identify and eliminate mechanisms that bring us to a standstill, that evoke fear and anxiety and hinder our full self-realization. This book is first a promise, then an idea, a series of steps and, in the end, a reality.

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What people are saying about A Whole new Life

Derek Sivers

Wow! This is the most insightful and profound book on life and
change in many many years. Clear observations, wise insights
and unjudging tone, sprinkled with amazing quotes and relatable
anecdotes. Very powerful. Highly recommended.

Derek Sivers Author, Ted speaker, founder and former president of CD Baby
Sneha Shah

A Whole New Life—is a powerful journey that takes us from awareness to action. In our experience, the true key to change, is to be able to have access to different tools, that one can reach out to, whenever life comes calling. This book provides exactly that! A guide to help us year after year, to create our life of our dreams!

Sneha Shah Trainer & Director, ISRA Mumbai
Cecilia Sardeo

A powerful soul with a big heart, Lucia is one woman I look up to every day. Her books have been enlightening and shall remain a source-full guidance for thousands of people around the world.

Cecilia Sardeo Co-founder of Zenward by Mindvalley
 Jamuna Mishra Guruji

Lucia is a soul full of light who, thanks to her work, brings a message of peace, hope and love to the whole world. I’m happy that her book ‘A Whole New Life’ is now available in India and I hope that this book will receive the recognition and welcome it deserves in my country too. Namaste.

Jamuna Mishra Guruji Doctor in Ayurveda , founder of Jamuna Mishra Yoga Learning Method®, Khajuraho, India
Patricia J. Crane

Lucia Giovannini has masterfully brought together her unique personal experiences, examples of her clientsʼ paths of change, scientific studies, a variety of personal growth processes, thought provoking ideas and questions, practical tools for transformation, and much more to inspire you with the possibilities for your life.

Patricia J. Crane Ph.D. Author, Master Trainer- Heal Your Life® Training in Louise Hayʼs philosophy, Hay’s philosophy, San Diego, CA USA
Shashank Gupta

Lucia has offered several courses in India, and A Whole New Life is an instant hit. It helps participants go deeper in their understanding of themselves, dissolving barriers and blocks and creating a powerful vision. Months after the seminar, participants have written to us, sharing how her techniques are helping them. It is overwhelming. Lucia’s insights and intuitive ability to understand people, creates an instant connection with her readers. Her genius lies in making complex things, simple. Her passion for creating change and her understanding of psychology comes through in every touch point. This book is truly a pathway to creating a whole new life!

Shashank Gupta Trainer & Director, ISRA Mumbai
Alessandro Giuliani

I have known Lucia for quite some years now, and have always been shocked at her ability of putting complex situations in a very simple frame. Her multidisciplinary knowledge and training always push you to view from different perspectives through an extremely balanced approach, thus realizing where you are and the blocks that pull you back. Her wisdom in making things easy allow you to see change as a mere exercise, no more an unsurmountable task.

Alessandro Giuliani Managing Director, MISB Bocconi, Mumbai
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If you already have your copy, get the exclusive Diary of A Whole New Life here

Enter your name, email and password (the last word of the third chapter) below for instant access...

If you already have your copy, get the exclusive Diary of A Whole New Life here

Enter your name, email and password (the last word of the third chapter) below for instant access…

An encouraging and transformational guide for living your best, ideal life.

Hereʼs some of what youʼll get from this book
( besides several sets of powerful coaching questions)

How to Embrace change [1st chapter] +

As living creatures, we are changing continuously, whether we want to or not and whether we are aware of it or not. In which direction are we changing? Are we becoming better (wiser, happier, more satisfied with our life, with our work, with our relationships) or not? In other words, are the changes degenerative or transformational?

This chapter explores:

  • The five levels of change (from downward spiraling or degenerative change, to upward spiralling or transformational change).
  • How learning and growing stand at the base of change.
  • How to apply “Acceptance without Resignation”.
  • The Power Zone and how to develop a sense of ownership of our 4 powers.
  • The relationship between our habits, our comfort zone, and our ability to achieve our goals
Where are we? [2nd chapter] +

Where we are in our personal journey at this moment?
Are we listening to the call for change? How is it speaking in our lives? Which strategy are we using to ignore it? What happens when we face difficulties?

This chapter explores:

  • How to deal with the fear of the unknown.
  • Pleasure versus happiness and how short-cuts to happiness can be harmful.
  • Painful scars in our heart and “initiation” scars.
  • How to turn suffering and difficulties into transformational tools.
  • How neurons and synapses create an infinite network of possibilities in our brain.
The frames of mind [3rd chapter] +

From our early childhood we give meaning to every reality we come in contact with. How do we create our meanings? How do the meaning we give to events influence our behaviour and emotions?

This chapter explores:

  • How do we create cognitive distortions and come to believe in them?
  • What the Matrix is, what it consists of and how it affects our lives.
  • How to sanity check our beliefs.
  • The path of self-esteem: what self-esteem really is and what it is not.
  • Human “being” versus human “doing”.
  • The Matrix of Others: what affects our relationships?
  • The Time Matrix, how to improve our relationship with time.
Where do we want to go? [4th chapter] +

What do we really want in our life? Which is our life mission? What is holding us back?

This chapter explores:

  • Aligning our goals to our life's mission.
  • The Self-Actualization Pyramid and the needs behind our goals.
  • How to discover what inspires us and how to get in touch with our dreams.
  • How to unfold our potential and how to make the impossible possible.
  • How to tap to an inexhaustible source of energy to apply to our lives.
  • The key to self-motivation.
Constructing the vision [5th chapter] +

What do a Cambodian shaman and top-psychologist have in common? This chapter guides to our Vision Map and the 7 steps of setting goals.

This chapter explores:

  • How to draw a Vision Map
  • The 7 steps to transform dreams into achievable goals (and how on a trip to Bolivia, Lucia discovered that Bolivian Kallawayas knew some of it already).
  • How to create a bridge to the future and step into it as often as possible.
  • How to tap into the power of imagination
The Axes of Change (TM) [6th chapter] +

Why is it so difficult to change—even if we know that certain ways of thinking and behaving are damaging our well-being?
Change is an interactive process that implicates many different variables, takes place on many levels and involves the great risk of relapse.

To avert this risk and better confront the journey toward transformation, we need a prototype which will indicate how change works, what the variants are, what the mechanisms involved are.

This chapter explores Neuroscience of Transformation:

  • The structure of change and its cornerstones.
  • The precise phases and activities we must cross whatever change we want to make.
  • How to trick the brain’s chemistry and make the basic mechanisms of neurology work to our advantage.
  • How to transform tension and stress into fuel for our goals.
  • Internal versus External creation.
  • How to dance between emotions and rationality.
Tools for Transformation [7th chapter] +

Which are the best tools that can support us in everyday life and ease the path of change?

This chapter explores:

  • The magic of words and the “linguistic diet”: how many calories do our words have?
  • Where is our focus? What Csikszentmihalyi's studies and Peruvian shamans have in common.
  • The structure of optimism: the “3 P Recipe”.
  • Spiritual intelligence and how to build our own sacred space.
  • How Nature can improve our biochemical balance.
  • How relationships with animals can increase our love and reduces the chances of depression.
  • How physical exercise can protect us against anxiety and panic attacks, strengthen our immune system and break our negative thought-spirals.
  • Food and mood: how food can cure concentration problems, lack of energy and mood swings.
  • How to create a community of supportive people around us.
In the end... [8th chapter] +

Why do certain people succeed where others do not? Why do we often find ourselves faced with old problems that we thought we had already overcome?

This chapter explores:

  • Mental structures: fixed vs. open.
  • How to make the solidification process work.
  • Change as a continuous process: just as in martial arts there is no ultimate dan, in life we will never be done learning, growing and improving ourselves.

A Whole New Life: THE WORKSHOP

A Whole New Life is also a Live Workshop!

The course is based on the book and will help you realize your dreams overcoming fear and negative emotions and live your best, ideal life.

If you want more info about live events just insert Name and E-mail in the first form in this page and we will email you more details. 

Giving back


Through her work, Lucia sustains various non-profit projects. By purchasing this book, you contribute to helping alleviate at least a little of the suffering of others who live with us on this planet Earth: part of the proceedings of the book will go to SoiDog that rescues and cares for thousands of stray dogs every year in Thailand.

About the author

Lucia Giovannini holds a Doctorate in Psychology and Counseling and a Bachelor in Psycho-Anthropology, is a member of the American Psychological Association. A Master Fire-walking Trainer, an NLP and Neuro-Semantics Trainer, a certified Coach, a Breathwork Trainer and the Western Europe Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator’s coordinator. Lucia is the certified Heal Your Life ® trainer for Italy, Singapore and Thailand and has been defined as “the Italian Louise Hay” by the media.

She is the founder at BlessYou International and co-director at LUCE (Free University of Evolutionary Growth) and of the Italian Institute of Neuro-Semantics. She is been giving courses and conferences for about 20 years now to individuals and companies all over Europe and Asia.

Her work crafts a synergy between traditional psychological techniques, motivational practices and ancient rituals that turn her seminars into something truly unique. She is often sought after by groups and companies because of her powerful seminars and she is well known for the clarity, sincerity and inspiration of her exceptional work.




You can buy the book in paperback by clicking on the link below.