7 ways to be more positive

A positive attitude is something we all need in order to be happy and make this world a better place.
Being positive makes our life simpler and lighter and makes us live better.

Here are 7 easy ways to be more positive!

1. Put a smile on
Smiling is one of the quickest and most effective ways to spread positive vibes around you. We all have bad days and personal battles we are fighting, but the world does not need your sadness. A smile can make a real difference in someone’s day! Remember to smile when you go to the supermarket, to a store or when you step into the office every morning.

2. Do not let other people or things drain you
There are some people who always have a problem for any situation and tend to complain easily.
Stay away from them or, if you really have to deal with them, do not take their negativity, you don’t need it. Even the TV, newspapers and social media over make us feel overwhelmed with alarming and tragic news. Of course, we need to be aware of what happens in the world, but sometimes the news do not add any value to our life. They just alter our perception of reality and make us restless for things we cannot control.

3. Think and speak with positive words
Another very immediate way to increase positive vibes is paying attention to the words we talk to ourselves and to others with. The words have a magical power: through them we can bless or curse, create happiness or bring despair, trigger anger… The words provoke emotions, which is why we need to choose them carefully. Positive affirmations are very effective to change our inner dialogue.
Write them on post-it notes and stick them around your house, on your computer and in places where they are always visible.

4. Get used to gratitude
Gratitude is the fairy dust that makes us aware of how beautiful and abundant our lives are already.
Every night before going to sleep, think about three things you are grateful for and about what made you happy that day. Notice even the smallest things. If you include this in your daily routine, you will attract more abundance in your life, guaranteed.

5. Help others
It is scientifically proven: helping others makes us deeply happy. Whenever you do something kind, you’re spreading positive vibrations around you. There are so many ways and chances to do that in our daily life. Help an elderly person to carry the bags, open the door for someone, offer to go shopping for someone who is ill, help a mother with stroller climbing taking the stairs, give your seat on the bus, and so on.

6. Let the past and all attachment go
Many times we let the negativity of the past influence our present, carrying a grudge against people or situations we cannot change.
The only way to get rid of it, it is to let the balm of forgiveness soften our hearts. Many people think that forgiving means to pretend nothing happened or ignore it: “Yes, you hurt me, but it is okay, it doesn’t matter. ” It doesn’t work that way. Forgiving means that you realize what happened, you accept it, but then  you move forward with your life. Many times, the other person is not even aware of what s/he did and is living her/his happy life without us, while we are suffering.

7. Do physical activity and exercise
When you need a boost for your mood, moving your body is the best thing you can do. You don’t have to run marathons, even a simple walk at the fresh air will help you feel better and more positive.

In what other ways can we spread positive vibes around us?
Share your thoughts with the community and leave a comment below!

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