5 steps to enjoy the Christmas season

The Christmas season is one of the most magic moments of the year. Many of us will be busy going shopping or having dinner with family and friends. Christmas is a moment filled with joy, love, laughter and lights.
Let’s enjoy every single moment of this special time of the year following these 5 simple steps.

1. Give away positive energy
Something we really need now more than ever is positivity. Writing a card to a person you care about is a way to express your love and  really appreciated gift. If you still don’t have ideas for a gift, think about something that conveys positive energy like a little plant for your colleague in the office, a T-shirt with a positive affirmation or a book like A Whole New Life.

2. Feel grateful for what you share
The Christmas season is a time to celebration and sharing. Don’t take it for granted. Having time is the real luxury nowadays. Feel grateful for the moments you share with your family and friends.

3. Save time to do what you love
Many of us will be very busy during these days, although we would like to do something else. Try not to forget to do what you love. Turn off your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and spend an afternoon doing something that gives you joy. Saving time for yourself allows you to be less nervous when have to do other things.

4. Remember to love yourself
Christmas is a time of love towards others. Don’t forget about yourself though! It’s possible to truly love other people when we truly love ourselves unconditionally.

5. Forgive
Forgiving yourself and other people is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Christmas is a great occasion to put into practice this hard lesson. Release everything you don’t need anymore: situations, emotions, feelings, thoughts, people.
This is what will allow you to free yourself and move on with your life. Sometimes, we are afraid of the separation from what keeps us company (thoughts above all). Every situation or person you are afraid to lose will be on your way if you need it for your evolution. Let the Universe do its job and work for you!

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you!