3 important principles for a happier future

Autumn is here. This is the period of opportunity, when everyone needs to embrace new adventures, new ideas, and purposes.
Whatever the nature of your feelings, it is crucial for you to make careful examination of them, and look to the future with enthusiasm and positivity.

Here are 3 resolutions I take at the beginning of each autumn. This works for my new projects and also for growing as a person.

1. Take action!
There is an old saying in Eliot Essays (1748) that goes: “It used to be the Saying of an old Man, That an Ounce of Experience is better than a Pound of Science.”
Well, even if I do think that Science is necessary to the present and future of humanity, I think that our old grandparents were right. Action and experience are the right way to live and experience life. Above all when compared with overthinking and rumination.
Stop check your emotions, your past and your future, and take action! Stop theorizing, move on, always look ahead searching for better solutions. Learn from your experience and take confidence in your skills. Learning by doing is an educational approach. Practice it.
Learning by doing also means learning from wrong paths and be open to change our perspective, and challenging our beliefs.

2. Be humble!
The second mantra I repeat to myself, follows from the first. When I want to punch my face and shake myself more actively, I repeat: Don’t be stubborn!
Stubbornness is surely a form of self defense, but it also reveal poor self confidence. Don’t be attached to your decisions. Be open to change.
Be humble and learn from others and from life’s events. If you are afraid of others judgment, and to learn from your mistakes, this will narrow your person over time.

3. Learn to manage your emotions!
And finally, the third lesson I find extremely important. Learn to handle your instincts.
To avoid the urge of acting and reacting immediately, I allow myself to take a few virtual steps back.
Emotions are not controlled by our conscious self. But since our emotions are very powerful, they effect our responses and our actions. Our conscious self must take charge.
Try yourself: when something disrupting happens, it’s good to stop, quiet your mind and breath. Recognize your outburst of emotions.
In a few seconds the moment will pass and you’ll be able to master each situation. Don’t react immediately. As you become calmer, you’ll be able to take the right decision, to answer the right answer, to affirm yourself.