12 habits for 12 months

The beginning of the year is the best time to introduce new habits in our lives. Scientific studies show that if we repeat the same action for 21 days this will become a habit.

Here you have 12 habits for 12 months, a slow change that will have a great impact in our  life.

1. January: The Diary of Gratitude
Gratitude is the fairy dust that makes us see the wonderful world around us. Without gratitude there can’t be happiness nor abundance. Every night before going to sleep, write in your journal at least three things you are grateful for. You will attract even more of them in your life.

2. February: Accept love
Love is one of the few things we cannot live without. Love does not mean romantic relationship, it is something much broader and deeper. Love is love for ourselves, for others, for animals, for a cause, for the whole world. Love is seen in the words and gestures, in the presence.
This month try opening  your heart to give and receive more love. Do not lock it, but let it flow into your life.

3. March: five minutes of meditation
Meditation is a very effective practice to be centered, increase concentration and lucidity.
Just start with 5 minutes a day and increase gradually more and more to see the difference in your life!

4. April: Try doing a new thing every day
Getting out of your comfort zone makes you discover passions and skills that you did not think you had. You do not need to do extreme things, it’s enough to take a different road to go to work, choosing another locker at the gym or a set on the bus. This  is enough to deactivate the autopilot that guides us in everyday life and discover an area of new possibilities, let go fear and free ourselves from old movies limiting and develop new talents.

5. May: Exercise
The temperatures are getting nicer and days are sunny. There are fewer excuses and more motivation to do physical exercise and spending time in the nature. A walk, a run, meditation: you choose the activity that suits you!

6. June: Drink at least 2 liters of water a day
Summer is approaching; the days begin to be hot. It is necessary to pay more attention to our physical well-being and give our body needed moisture.
Make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water a day. And if you want to make even healthier and tasty, add lemon, mint and cucumber.

7. July: Live in the moment
Summer is also the time to slow down a bit and live more in the present moment. How many times in a day is our mind lost in the memories of the past and plans for the future? The truth is that the only time that really exists is the present. Gently bring your mind in the present moment with a few deep breaths.

8. August: Eat raw food
We are what we eat. Take advantage of the summer to eat even more safely and increase the amount of raw foods and less processed. Note the difference in terms of mental clarity, beauty of skin and hair, strength and vitality!

9. September: Learn something new
People are happy when they learn something new. This can be words in a foreign language, a new recipe, a curiosity you were not aware of, and so on.
Also teaching something you already know to someone is a source of happiness because it makes us feel useful and add value to the lives of others.

10. October: Let your creativity flow
All of us have talents and creativity, but very often the fear of judgment (and we are the most merciless judges of ourselves) blocks us and allows us to express our full potential. Being creative does not mean to be good as famous artists but thinking about usual things in an innovative way.
Let your creativity flow with the words, hands, colors.

11. November: Be gentle with yourself
Being kind and compassionate with ourselves is the first step to be tolerant even with others. But what does it mean practically? Being gentle with ourselves means not punishing ourselves unnecessarily with a destructive inner dialogue. Ok, you made a mistake, so what? Are you worth less just because you made a mistake? What can you do differently next time to achieve excellent results?
Also pays attention to the signals your body sends you and take care of the temple of your soul.

12. December: The Happiness Jar
We got to the most magical time of year when we celebrate the love and sharing. It’s the perfect time to introduce the Happiness Jar taken from an idea of Elizabeth Gilbert. Every night before going to sleep on a card write at least one thing that made you happy during the day, even the one that seems very small and meaningless.
When you feel a little tone down and it seems there is nothing to be happy, pick up a card at random and cheer yourself up!

What other habits do you want to introduce this in 2016? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below!