10 mistakes you need to forgive yourself now

The only way to peacefully live the present and look forward to the future with joy is letting go all the regrets of the past.

How do we open ourselves to what the Universe will offer us if we continue to stick to the past?
No one likes to make mistakes, but what is the point to punish ourselves and relive those situations not once but a thousand times in our minds?

Forgiving is the key that allows us to repair our hearts and being free. As the name implies, forgiving t is a gift that we do to ourselves.

Here are then 10 mistakes you need to forgive yourself now.

1. Wasting time
Time is the most precious resource we have. It doesn’t matter if a person is rich or poor in monetary terms. Time is democratic: we all have only 24 hours a day to be happy and give the best of ourselves.
Do not fall into the trap of “I have so much time.” Time flies, use it to the fullest!

2. Not having done “that” trip
Travel and discover new places broadens our perspectives, makes us reach a new inner awareness and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.
What country you’ve always dreamed of visiting? When you got the answer, book the ticket.

3. Jobs you didn’t take
The decision that you took at that time was the best you could take. Maybe your instincts suggested not to take that job and concentrate on other things.
If it was fear (of not being good enough for example) to guide you in that choice, remember it the next time you find yourself in that situation. The question for you is: What would I do if I was not afraid?

4. People you hurt
It is always easier to notice when someone we love hurts us. The truth is we hurt other people as well, even if we do not realize it Unspoken words, words that would have been better not to say, broken promises, illusions and deceptions.
Words have weight, always remember that. You’re always in time to set aside your ego and apologize, if you really care about that person. Maybe that’s exactly what (s)he’s waiting for.

5. Bad behavior
How many times did you let your bad mood totally influenced your life and you answered wrong at work, in the family or a few friends?
You cannot have control over what happens to you, but please remember that you can always decide how to feel and how to react. When anger takes over, take a few deep breaths and brings inner calm. The practice of meditation is a very effective tool to help you to be grounded even amid the most intense emotional storms.

6. Friendships you lost
We all change, but sometimes we do it in different directions and get away becomes inevitable.
Losing friends along the way is always painful.
If you still believe, however, that there is still something to share or unclear, act now. If the other person does not respond or rejects you, respect his/her decision. Try to become the friend that everyone would like to have.

7. Love you lost
This is perhaps the most difficult regret to forget and accept. Losing love or refusing it burns our soul. Infidelity, lies, omissions, but also fear of being hurt. Accept responsibility for your actions, try to understand why you tend to behave in a certain way and act on yourself/or.
Love is the energy that moves the world and allows us to evolve through the relationships with others.

8. Incomplete education
If you didn’t get your diploma or dropped out of the college, remember that it’s never too late to reach your goals. Nowadays you even have more opportunities to expand your knowledge: Mooc, online courses and trainings and webinars are just a few examples.
Your real strength is in the mind: if you want to do something, you can do it. No excuses.

9. Having misjudged others
Judgments are like invisible threads that separate us from the people preventing us from really knowing them, to see them beyond the baggage that they bring with them.
To create healthy relationships and be able to learn from others is important to letting go the judgment. As social beings, we need to be able to trust others, and to receive in turn respect and trust.

10. Not having taken care of yourself
One of the most common mistakes we make is not taking care of ourselves. Wanting the best for ourselves is self-love, not selfishness.
The body is the temple of our soul and must be treated accordingly. Unbalanced diet, unhealthy habits, lack of exercise, negative and destructive inner dialogue are a few examples of how we can hurt ourselves.
Take care of yourself doing things that make you more happy, treat yourself. The relationship with others is a mirror of the relationship you have with yourself. Loved yourself more to love more.

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